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Cafe Latte Pedicure

This cozy seasonal pedicure starts off with a warm cafe soak, followed with an invigorating

sugar scrub while you sip on a soothing latte

in our big comfy pedi chair.

Your feet & legs will then be treated to

a frothing, foamy mask and a caffe massage butter.

All finished off with the perfect fall polish. $65

Coffee Break

Get your Blue Willow Day Spa & Salon TreatCard!


The TreatCard is our way of saying thank you to our wonderful clients. Earn points at each check out and receive free products and services as a reward!

Earn and Track Points

How do your earn points?

  • (1 Point) For Every Dollar Spent on Services

  • (2 Points) For Every Dollar Spent on Products

  • (50 Points) For Referring Friends

TreatCard Rewards

What do you do with your points?

You can use your points to try out new treatments, services, and products. Reception will let you know upon check out what your point total is and what treats you can redeem!

Getting Started

How can you get in on this?

Reception will give you your very own TreatCard that fits right onto your key ring, so you'll always have it with you! Each time you check out, we will scan your card and add your points. It's as easy as that! Don't forget to ask for your new TreatCard the next time you visit!

TreatCard Rewards


Service Rewards:

 Blowout                                                                        490 points

Bikini Wax                                                                   560 points

Signature Facial 60 min.                                           1330 points

Blue Willow Signature Massage                              2310 points


Product Rewards:

Dadi Oil                                                                        175 points

Oi Shampoo                                                                 504 points

Stone Crop Gel Wash                                                  532 points

Oi Conditioner                                                            616 points

Stone Crop Cleansing Oil                                           728 points


*Select additional premium products, speak to our reception desk for details!*

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